Saturday, March 13, 2010

Let's Get Organized: Mail

In the spirit of blogging multi part blogs, here is another one. I found this one at Southern Living. The article is all about Easy Ways to Get Organized and has a lot of different suggestions on how to get and keep different aspects of your home and life organized.

How to Organize Your Mail

Everyone organizes paper items differently--there is no right or wrong way. Some people feel better when things are in strict order, while others are perfectly happy with organized clutter. Finding your comfort level is the most important aspect of dealing with excess paper.

  • If it's not pertinent to your life right now, trash, trash, trash.
  • A blizzard of catalogs: No time to read 'em? Pop the promising ones in an attractive basket near your favorite chair--dump the rest
  • Never-ending bills: Unless you pay them the day they arrive (good for you), get an accordion folder or freestanding file numbered with the days of the month. Tuck new bills behind the date you intend to send paymen
  • Loose photos seem to drift away. Angela suggests cardboard photo boxes
  • Recipes you clip from magazines shouldn't end up stuffed between the pages of your cookbooks. Staple or glue each one on an index card, and drop it into a categorized recipe box. If recipes are too big, insert them in a three-ring binder with plastic sheet protectors. Thus, you create your own cookbook.
  • Separate items into folders for each member of the family or place each person's mail in their personal spaces for immediate attention.