Friday, December 25, 2009 this?

My friends and I decided to start this blog as a support for us becoming the people who we want to be. Sometimes, all it takes to keep on going is a little friendly motivation, inspiration, and/or ideas.

Blog any of this:
Weight loss ideas
Fun things to do
Things that make you happy

This is a place to talk it out, discuss,share your knowledge and show the love.

We're all on our way to becoming strong and empowered, but feeling good about ourselves is a huge part of that, which we all deserve.

How this works:
If you have a twitter account, please follow us on @BecomingTHEyou
Participate by tweeting us positives every day, and with the friday follower spotlight
Read the blogs and comment on up your own blogs to our blog if you've got something to share

There are many ways to contribute to this blog, even if you are not comfortable with blogging. To contribute and blog, please comment here, or direct message our twitter @BecomingTHEyou with your email address. You will be sent an invitation to start blogging with us.

If you aren't comfortable with the whole blogging thing though, you can always tweet things to us @BecomingTHEyou to be included, or comment anonymously on entries.

Please keep it positive though. Remember, this is all about friends supporting friends and showing the love.