Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Best Things in Life are the Ones You Work Hardest for.

This is kind of a mantra that I try to live by, because it seems to make life seem a lot better. So many times we struggle just to get by, and to get through everything but need to realize that out of our toughest struggles come our greatest triumphs.

I was a spoiled child when I was younger. I still am, but when I was little my parents showered me with gifts and materialistic things. It was probably to compensate for the fact that my mother was a drug addict and when she wasn't buying me stuff she was putting me through my own version of a living hell because of the way she acted. My senior year was the end of her addiction, and it was really bad in the end. We had no money what so ever because her drug abuse was sucking us dry. We we're just about to lose our house, and it was time for Homecoming. My goal senior year was to go to all of the dances because it was my senior year and I had only been to 1 so far.
But, Homecoming is expensive. IDK about other places, but in Vegas HC is like the pre-party for prom. Fancy dresses and limo's and expensive dinners galore. I wasn't allowed to work because it screwed up my grades my junior year, but my parents let me wash dishes at the fair for the 6 days it was in town, and I worked about 52 hours in those 6 days, making $7 an hour. I was exhausted, and my hands hurt so bad because they were all sorts of messed up because of constantly being in water and scrubbing the crap out of pans that were caked with lasagna.

But let me tell you it was all worth it. I paid for EVERYTHING myself, and went with my best friends and I seriously had the best night of my life. It didn't matter that the guy I was practically in love with didn't ask me to HC, or that he was in our group with his stick thin, blonde haired blue eyed date, because I had a blast with my best friends.

We went to the fancy dinner, took our amazing group picture, danced all of our makeup off (and the girl wasn't so pretty without her makeup, just saying) then took the limo to game works to play in the arcade for ever, then back to a friends house to have some more fun. No lie this was probably the best night of my life. I went through a huge ordeal with my parents getting them to let me go in the first place, then working my butt off to get there, but in the end, the entire struggle was the thing I was proudest of.

So keep working hard, we are all working towards goals, and they may seem so far away right now, but this is what we are here together for. We can all get through it together, and in the end we will succeed in working towards our greatest triumphs <3


*ashley* said...

wow, tasha, that is amazing...i totally relate to you about the spoiled thing...and i'm just now really feeling the rewards of working hard for things...right now, i am striving for financial independence and when i finally move out, i'm going to work my ass off at work and to not spend so i can start really being on my own...your story just really inspired me that it will be worth it, even if its going to be difficult on the way to get there

Kirstie said...

i have to agree with ashley that is amazing..i can relate with paying for what you wanted thing because pretty much my whole life if i wanted something really bad i had to pay for it myself because my parents never had the money..there were years where i had to pay for my own school clothes because my parents couldn't so i can relate in a way..