Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Best Times to Stretch

From Glamour's Vitamin G Blog, via The Fitnessista, here are 3 key times during the day that you should stretch. Stretching keeps your muscles warm and limber, keeping you from stiffening up and being uncomfortable. It can help keep your blood pumping and your body in good shape.

Best Times to Stretch

*Right after you wake up: I've started stretching in bed as a more relaxing way to wake up. Before I set my feet on the floor, I slowly stretch my legs, then arms. Health experts say that pausing this way before you jump out of bed and start your busy day can really help you manage stress.

*After exercise: Sure, go ahead and stretch a little before you work out, but it may be most important to loosen those limbs after your long run, say experts.

*Right before sleep: Yawning and stretching, say sleep experts, is how animals hit the hay, and it's a technique that might help you fall asleep sooner, too.