Tuesday, January 3, 2012

“Beauty isn’t judged by the size of your jeans"

Jack Barakat~All Time Low

A new year has just started...be honest, how many of us made "losing weight" or "get skinny" one of our resolutions? How many of us say that we are going to do these things and have our hearts set on these things all the time? Now has it ever occurred to anyone else that framing our health and our bodies this way says so much about what culture and society has done to us?

How about this year, instead of resolving to get skinny or get hott, let's resolve to get healthy and be happy. If you think about it, they're really the same goals, framed in a more positive light. I'm a curvy girl and I always say that I want to be skinny, but since I'm curvy, skinny and thin are not realities for me.

I believe that true beauty comes from within. A happy person radiates beauty from the inside, and that inner beauty is the only beauty that we can hold on to throughout our lives. Let's spend this year making ourselves truly beautiful: do what makes us happy, focus on our lives-whether it be school, a career, our family, and really put your all into where you want to be.

Happiness makes us feel so much better about ourselves. A person may be beautiful on the outside, but without happiness, self satisfaction, and confidence, that beauty fades fast.

This year, let's be the best that we can be and build ourselves up to be beautiful from the inside out.