Thursday, January 19, 2012

Success Isn't Always Being Rich

Today, we all think that if we just had more money, we'd be happier and all of our problems would go away. While more money would cover the bills, rent, mortgage, and shopping trips, money cannot change the essence of our relationships and the hard work that it takes to make our dreams into a reality. Money can definitely take stress out of many areas in our lives and make things easier, but it does not mean success and it does not mean happiness.

I think that instead of only striving for success in business, we should strive for success in having a full, happy, and unique life. Money cannot buy either of those successes, but many people tend to forget the latter one. When asked where people want to see themselves in 10 years, they usually say married and successful in business. A lot of people forget about being happy with their life; they don't realize that being successful in their business might mean risking a lot of things that make you happy. People also forget that following their passions could make them successful but may not make them a lot of money.

I'm not saying don't try to be successful in business, I'm saying find the balance where you can be happy and do all of the things that you want to do. We have become a society obsessed with money and being rich, forgetting that the riches in life often are worth far more than the fortune we set out to earn at work. Try to find your passions in life; if you can't make them a career, be sure to keep them close to you in every way you can. Don't lose sight of yourself in trying to find a career; money isn't everything. As long as you work hard and put passion in to everything you do, you will be successful.