Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How do you make time for yourself?

It's very hard to resist the natural urge to help and/or take care of our friends and others when they come asking...trying to be available all the time and trying to always be there really takes a toll on your body and health, both mentally and physically...There is nothing wrong with being there for friends, but it is so beyond important to take time for yourself...Me time is imperative to making yourself happy and being the best person that you can be...Try to not feel guilty and take at least half an hour to yourself every day.

What do you do when you have "me time"? Do you feel better when you take that time? How do you try to fit yourself into your schedule?

Share your answers in a comment.


*ashley* said...

i read a couple chapters in my book every morning before i start checking my emails or doing any work that i need to do...i also watch a movie or a tv show every night without too much contact with others..i also use my workouts as time for myself

tashaaa_x3 said...

I sing. Loll. I am absolutely hoorible at singing, so me sitting there and actually belting it out is a rare occurence but when I'm alone in my car or at home I love to just put the music on as loud as it can go and sing, reallly loud :]
its fun!