Saturday, February 13, 2010

the positives

kirstiethirsty @becomingTHEyou I filled out tons of applications today

tashaaa_x3 @becomingTHEyou so much packing. I think we have everything done that we possibly could until the week before the move :]

Elafant_Heffer @becomingTHEyou Just watched a really good movie with Ashton Kutcher in it.

LairBarbie @becomingTHEyou I got a new phone. Old news but still!

trishhyyy @becomingTHEyou I met Magic Johnson today! :-)

trishhyyy @becomingTHEyou I found a new Mexican restaurant that was really good!

trishhyyy @becomingTHEyou it's Saturday night and I'm in a good mood

ItsStephumz @becomingTHEyou Tell your friends and family you love them. Life is short, don't regret not doing so!

BelleJolieNoir @becomingTHEyou i finished my birthday skirt and wore it out tonight

b_j_d @becomingTHEyou went bowling and had an absolute blast! It was a great way to end a crappy week.