Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Today may suck, but I promise you eventually it will get better. You never know how just smiling, or laughing can cure a horrible day. Smile in the mirror at yourself, listen to a song that makes you laugh because of the memories tied to it. Watch funny videos on youtube.
You don't necessarily have to escape the bad things for forever, but maybe if you smile, you can take on all the challenges life throws at you with a different attitude.

There is an old saying that laughter is the best medicine, and on the worst of days, sometimes a laugh can just pull you through. I know for me, this semester Wednesday's are literally hell on earth. I have a 7:30 am class, then a class break from 11:30-1 and then I'm in class until 4. After that I have to rush home so that my dad can leave for work, and make dinner for my little sister and I. Then I rush over to church and help out with AWANA's (I'm a Sparks leader :] ) then choir practice until 9ish. It is a long day and I wouldn't get through it without a smile, and a little bit of laughter.

So make the most of those worst days, and find a reason to smile. Try your hardest to send your daily positives in, it really helps to know that SOMETHING went right that day, and if you need a smile talk to someone, anyone, or post something on here, I'm sure we could help you out :]

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