Monday, May 24, 2010

Find Your IT, Make IT Happen.

"So stop talking about IT and do IT. Remember your dreams. Chase after IT, whatever IT may be."

For myself, personally, I have always loves quotes, song lyrics, etc. I think it might be because there always seems to be one quote, or song lyric that fits your current mood or feelings just perfectly. Then there are also those quotes and song lyrics that just hit you and have this immediate impact. You might not feel that exact way when you read it, but it just hits you and has this immediate impact because it's inspirational. It's telling you something that's true.

Tonight, I found this quote while browsing around online and I loved it right away. I feel the need to share it with everyone because well this is a true statement. I feel like all of out there have so many things we would like to do, so many things we would like to accomplish, and of course we talk about them. We talk about them with our friends, with our families, with anyone who will listen, but we never actually do anything about it. Talking about something is all fine and good because it helps get your feelings out there and you can express what you want to do, but we all need to take action as well. We need to talk about it and then do something about it.

Whatever your IT is, go out and do it. There may even be more than one IT, and you know what it doesn't even have to be a BIG IT like a career or traveling the world. IT could be simple and small. For example, tell someone how you feel about them, take too many pictures, etc. Take a look at all the musicians, actresses, actors, athletes in the world. We all look up to these people because they are talented and following their dreams. Well guess what, YOU can do the same thing. Sure, not all of are musically talented or star athletes, but WE ARE ALL good at something. We all have a talent that we can contribute to the world. Just because it's not music or a sport doesn't make any less relevant. I think we are all held back by our fears. We are afraid that we won't succeed. We are afraid that we won't be great, we're afraid to fall. But you know what, that's why you KEEP trying. Just like the quote says, you keep chasing IT.

So I propose that we all stop talking out ITS and we just go out and chase after them. Don't be afraid. Remember what you love. Remember what you want to do. Remember what you want to accomplish. Remember ALL of you dreams, remember all of your ITS and just DO. It may not happen for you all at once or right away, but in time you will be able to achieve IT. Never forget what IT is, and never stop trying to chase it.

-Stephanie (


*ashley* said...

completely agree and love this!