Saturday, May 1, 2010

Friday Follower

Yesterday's Friday Follower was @lizek316

dbackscynthia @becomingTHEyou We love, love, love @LizeK316 because, in case someone didn't know, she's an awesome singer. But not only that.....

dbackscynthia @becomingTHEyou @LizeK316 is beautiful, super friendly, a good tour guide ;), good pillow-talker, and not to mention.....

dbackscynthia @becomingTHEyou @LizeK316 also has great taste in music, and, oh yeah, boys! She's just an all around fun time :) Love her!

SunnySideUpB @becomingTHEyou she is always soo positive and happy! <3

CaraLikeWhoa @becomingTHEyou the fact that she is the easiest person to talk to. She has the biggest and kindest heart. And is fantastic friend.

LairBarbie @becomingTHEyou Ok catching up from computer problems. She is awesome, funny, sweet, a blast at concerts & always entertaining to yak with!

smashley_ashley @becomingTHEyou she's so down to earth and fun to talk to...such a great listener and a real sweetheart and true friend