Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunday Smiles

We started something new today. Every day of the week will have a theme, so in addition to sharing positives, you can share something with us that goes with the theme. Today was Sunday, so we asked you to tweet us (or comment this post) with something that made you smile.

Here are today's Sunday Smiles:

Barb @becomingTHEyou I got a new kitten today and she is so adorable.

Tasha @becomingtheyou my friends make me smile, every day :)

Ashley @becomingtheyou my bubie was very lucid today and remembered that I was moving to Dallas soon #sundaysmiles

Cara @becomingTHEyou all the birthday wishes I received on Friday! #SundaySmiles

Steph @becomingTHEyou the 2 hours of sun in Oregon this weekend made me smile :)

Steph @becomingTHEyou being told on here by someone that a pic of mine is cute. She's such a sweetheart. She made me smile :)