Saturday, June 26, 2010

Friday Follower

Today's randomly chosen Friday Follower is @AllisonsThunder

Ashley @becomingtheyou so much to say about @allisonsthunder she's one of the best friends that i've ever had-so understand, so fun, so...awesome

Barb @becomingTHEyou Woot! @allisonsthunder is awesome! She's funny, sweet, smart, and ALWAYS knows the good music!

Tasha @becomingtheyou allison has great taste in men, and is always good for a laugh. :)

Bobbie @becomingTHEyou @AllisonsThunder shes is a super nice girl with some pretty sweet pj shorts from old navy!

Stacy @becomingTHEyou @AllisonsThunder is so sweet & likes great music. Whenever I'm looking for a good band recommendation, she's great help :)

Jenny @becomingtheyou How can you not love @allisonsthunder? She has great taste in music, she loves sports, and she's an awesome perv err person.