Thursday, June 3, 2010

WTF Wednesdays

WTF Wednesdays is a rant that you have about your day, your life, or just how you feel in general. Just something that you think about and wonder 'WTF' is going on here, and why does this have to happen this way.

Here are the rants from todays WTF wednesday :]
LairBarbie @becomingTHEyou Rude and overreactive people. Other than that, I'm usually good.

tashaaa_x3 @Becomingtheyou i'm going to punch my boss :)

JonasBrat @becomingtheyou My grandmother faking illness and telling fam up north that she was going in for emergency surgery Sun- she was camping! lol

emeraldmaz @becomingTHEyou Being 'under observation' two days in a row.

smashley_ashley @becomingtheyou i'm so irritated &don't understand why rooms to go can't give a time window for their express delivery dates #wtfwednesday

If any of you care to go farther into detail on your WTF wednesdays, let us know! We would love for you to type up a blog. Ranting sometimes is the best way to help push through the negativity in our lives, but lets all remember that we need to find the positive too, because finding the positives is what makes those little WTF moments more bearable. It is the little things in life that make you happy :]

Stay tuned for tomorrow's Thoughtful Thursday!