Friday, June 11, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

~Music can change the world, because it changes people --Bono~

This quote can be taken in so many different ways, it is amazing. Ke$ha may sing 'your love is my drug' but music is my drug of choice. It can get me in a good mood when I'm getting ready to go out, it can calm me down when I have had a bad day at work, or it can give me strength when there is something difficult I know I have to go through. There is a song for every mood, and you can almost always find some lyrics that fit your mood.

I went through a bit of a dry period with my music. I kind of, stopped listening and I feel like within that time period, I lost a grip on who I was. Music is so deeply interwoven within my life, that when it starts to fade I can tell. Music changes me, and without music I don't think I could be the person I truly want to be. And if music can have that affect on me, I honestly believe it can change the world.