Sunday, August 1, 2010

Make Over Your Fridge

I found this as I was reading the Weight Watchers Weekly issue for the week of February 21, 2010. Sometimes the way that we store things in our refrigerator can really hinder our goals of weight loss and being healthy.

Make Over Your Fridge

Portion Control

  • instead of storing things in a huge bowl or just as they come from the store, store individual serving packs or divide into individual servings
High Fat Items
  • buy reduced fat versions of dairy products that you eat often. Reduced fat versions still have all the taste but a lot less calories.
Fruits and Vegetables
  • store cut, peeled, and ready to eat produce in easy open clear containers so that they catch your eye and your hands
  • Be sure to close left over take out/restaurant food and move it to the back for meal time so that you don't randomly snack during the day

Full Fat dressings and mayos
  • add flavor for free wtih salsa, fat free dressing and more
  • put in more seltzers, diet sodas, waters, and unsweetened iced teas where you can see them and grab them
Main Dish Ingredients
  • swap your meats for leaner cuts and ingredients. you can buy ground beef that is 97% lean and still make an awesome burger easily. make extra and store the portions for healthy leftovers